Why I chose Lilash for our clients

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At Jaxon we recommend Lilash to clients because it does work to lengthen and strengthen your natural lashes.

As the salon owner, I did a test and used Lilash on my left lashes and another leading serum on my right lashes for three months. I then went to a local salon close to my home to have a lash lift before my holiday and the therapist told me that my left lashes were thicker and easier to lift! So yes, there was a noticeable difference between the two.

Both serums did lengthen my lashes and friends did ask if I had lash extensions because normally I have quite short lashes.

The big advice I would give when choosing any lash serum, is make sure the product is genuine and in date as there are many counterfeits online. Lilash introduced a hologram and black packaging (the blue packaging is over four years old and should not be used). If the LiLash packaging does not have a hologram or numbered security emblem with Lilash logo then simply don’t trust it.

Another piece of advice I would give is “less is more” when applying Lilash. Remove all the excess serum from the brush and apply a very thin, single swipe to the upper lash line, just once before going to bed. It could be tempting to apply extra serum or apply it more than once a day in the hope that it will work quicker, but this isn’t necessary. Applying too much product could cause it getting into your eyes and this could cause irritation.

Always follow the instructions carefully and, as with any beauty product, if there is any irritation then stop using it and come back to us.

For further advice and FAQ’s you can visit the LiLash website here.

At Jaxon, we love talking all things beauty; So if you have any further questions about Lilash or any other treatment or product we provide, please contact us to learn more.

Jackie x