Waxing FAQ’s


Who is Lycon? Lycon is the world leader in waxing technologies.

Why do you use Lycon over other wax brands? We use Lycon products at Jaxon because we truly believe they give the best waxing results to our clients. We believe in the full range of Lycon products including the pre and post products as well as the wax itself.

For over two decades, we have worked with many different wax brands and Lycon has been the one our clients and therapists have come to love.

Lycon is a premium waxing system that is designed to make waxing treatments easier and virtually pain free.

From our therapist’s point of view, it is easier to work with than other brands, allowing us to provide the best possible waxing results. For our clients this means a virtually pain free and 100% hair free result.

Are Lycon products Vegan? All Lycon pre and post products are Vegan. Lycon’s Classic and Lycojet products are not yet Vegan as they contain beeswax.

Do Lycon test their products on animals? No. Lycon never test their products on animals. All Lycon products are tested in laboratory and salon environments only.

What Lycon Wax Products do you use? We chose Lycon Chocolate Hot Wax as the aroma can trigger emotional feelings of contentment and well-being while relaxing the mind. Great for those who can feel a little nervous, particularly on their first wax.

Lycon Chocolate Hot Wax is very gentle with Iron Oxide and Micro Mica. It is ideal for all waxing, including our most popular salon treatments; Brazilian’s and Hollywood’s.

We also use Lycon’s Lycojet Lavender Wax. It contains soothing lavender and chamomile that make it ideal for facial waxing.

How long does my hair need to be before I wax?
You will need at least 4 weeks growth or 5mm of hair for a successful treatment. Although some websites will tell you hair can be waxed from 1mm, from our years of experience it is better to wait until you have a minimum of 5mm growth before your wax treatment.

How often should I come for a wax?
Normally every 4-6 weeks depending on the speed of your hair growth.

What if I get ingrown hairs?
ingrown hairs can occur when too much dead skin is blocking the hair follicle, causing the hair to grow under the skin. We recommend exfoliating regularly and using Lycon ingrow-X-it spray. Share your concerns about your ingrown hairs so that your therapist can advise you of the best treatment.

Is waxing hygienic?
We take hygiene very seriously and want to protect you and ourselves therefore we always wear gloves when waxing. We don’t “double dip”: we use a clean spatula each time we dip into the wax and then throw it away and take another fresh spatula. We keep all tweezers & scissors in Barbicide which is a hospital grade disinfectant.