We are now pleased to be offering Nanoblading. With excellent training and her expertise in brows, Emma will look forward to giving you the brows you have always wanted! Nanoblading is the newest and hottest treatment in the brow game. We use a similar technique to the ‘microblading’ but instead we use smaller, finer needles to create a more natural, defined look without causing trauma to the skin!

Nanoblading FAQ's

  • Is It Right For Me?

    A consultation is required prior to a Jaxon nanoblading treatment to discuss if this is the right treatment for you. All appointments include a brow consultation and together we will shape and design a set of brows that enhance your facial features.

  • What are the benefits of nanoblading over tweezing, threading and waxing?

    Nanoblading has many benefits:

    Creates full and even brows.

    Sweat proof and waterproof.

    Camouflages any scars and sparse areas.

    Lasts between 9-12 months before top up (depending on lifestyle, skin type and after care)

  • What does it feel like? Does it hurt?

    Pain tolerance varies from person to person. Numbing gel is used prior and during the procedure to ensure comfort. It is highly recommended to avoid tattooing during a menstrual cycle because the skin can be hypersensitive. Clients have related the feeling of the procedure with threading plucking multiple hairs at once, or a light scratching of the skin.

  • What is Nanoblading?

    Nanoblading is the process of implanting colour micro-pigment beneath the surface of the skin by means of a tiny, sterile, disposable needle.

  • What happens during a nanoblading session?

    Numbing (20 min): First we numb the area with a topical anaesthetic. This is applied for 20 minutes prior to the procedure to ensure maximum comfort. During the procedure a separate numbing agent is used to enhance numbing effects.

    Nanoblading (60-90min): The chosen pigment colour is implanted to create hair-like strokes that mimic the appearance of natural brow hair within the designed brow shape.

  • How long does it last?

    Typically your brow treatment will last 9-12 months however, there is no guarantee of results as everyone’s results will vary due to skin type, lifestyle, and the initial 7 day care and long term care of your brow treatment. Oilier skin types tend to fade quicker than drier skin types. Long term after care is crucial to the longevity of your brow investment.

  • Is it permanent?

    No it is semi-permanent. Hair strokes typically last 1-3 years.

  • What is the hair-stroke method?

    Hair-stroke nanoblading is a manual technique used to deposit mineral based pigments into the skin. Hair-like strokes mimic natural hairs creating defined and natural brows.

  • How do I maintain my brows and make them last longer?

    Use at least SPF 50 to protect your brows, sun exposure will cause fading and can alter the colour of pigment used.

    Do not use chemical exfoliants on the brows, this will cause the brows to fade faster.

  • Can I do this if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

    NO. We will not perform any nanoblading while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is to ensure safety and peace of mind.

  • Can I do this if I have had microblading (or another form of cosmetic tattooing) done in the past?

    This will depend on individual treatments. Please schedule a personal consultation at Jaxon Wax and Nail Bar.

  • What will my healed brows look like after the procedure?

    There are absolutely no guarantees with nanoblading. Result will vary depending on skin type, lifestyle, and the immediate long-term aftercare by the client. Once the scabbing peels the colour will reduce by 30% – 50%. The hair-stroked will appear softer and more muted (oily skin type hair strokes will appear softer and more powdery while drier skin types may heal crisper and more defined). The colour will fully settle in about 6 weeks.

  • After care instructions?

    Each client’s skin responds differently to nanoblading.

    Day 1: Before bed, apply a thin layer of cream using a cotton swab ( avoid showering for 48 hours)

    Days 2-4: Apply a think layer of cream three times a day.

    Days 5-14: Continue to apply cream 2-3 times a day with the damp cotton bud and use a non-fragrance/non alcohol moisturiser as needed if the area feels tight or appears dry/flaky. (You can use the provided cream as a moisturiser)

  • What to expect

    DO NOT expect your brow treatment to heal perfectly after the first session. This is a 2 step sometimes multiple step process.

    BE PATIENT during your 2 week healing process, your brows will change and appear different from day to day, this is normal.

    Immediately after your procedure brows will appear darker and more defined, this will last up to 2 weeks. Your brows can appear more solid, hair strokes may seem to disappear and it may look wet and painted. This is normal.

    Around days 4-5 you will experience scabbing and your brows may look dry and flaky. DO NOT pick your scabs, let them fall off naturally. If scabbing comes off prematurely, missing hair strokes will result and cause patchy brows.

    Your brows will take up to 4-6 weeks to fully heal. When the scabbing comes off the hair strokes may seem faint, this is because a fresh layer of skin has healed over the brows. Give your brows a few weeks and the hair strokes resurface.

    You may experience itchiness in the brows after 10 days and up to 2 months because of the healing of the epidermal layer.

    Not everyone’s brows can heal clean and crisp. Hair strokes for oilier skin types tend to heal more solid and powdery while drier skin types tend to heal more crisp and defined.

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