Jaxon Signature Pedicure

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Jaxon London - Wax and Nail Bar

We’ve just introduced the all new Jaxon Signature Pedicure to the salon using essential oil aromatherapy to suit your mood. So we thought it would be a good time to write a post about aromatherapy, how it works and how it can improve your working day in the busy city of London.

The aroma of essential oils is detected by the very tiny hairs our nose. This produces impulses which pass through nerve cells to part of the brain known as the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system controls memory and emotion and it is also closely linked with the pituitary gland which controls our hormonal function. Essential oils are easily absorbed through the skin and around the body by the circulation.

We’ve introduced aromatherapy to our Jaxon Signature Pedicure treatments.

Pedicures are a great way to provide care for your feet and work best as a regular treatment for optimum foot health benefits for both women and men. Regular treatments with essential oils will help you maintain optimum health and vitality.

The Jaxon Signature Pedicure at our beauty salon in St. Paul’s, London is an essential luxury foot therapy treatment, including nail reshape and cuticle work, heel work, exfoliation and massage. In addition, we include your choice of select aromatherapy blends to suit your mood. You then have the option to finish the treatment with an OPI nail polish. Or a CND or OPI gel polish.

Tip: don’t forget to wear flip flops if you are having an OPI nail polish. But don’t worry if you forget! We also have flip flops available at the salon to purchase.

Whether you need to be de-stressed or energised the Jaxon Signature Pedicure is the perfect treatment for our busy city clients.

Relax with us on our pedicure couch. Or if you need to carry on working through your treatment, we have added laptop tables to our couches too!