BrowFormation by Jaxon London

BrowFormation Explained

Hi guys, I’m Amy. I’m working here at Jaxon. I, basically, I’m here to talk to you today about the brow formation. I created this treatment because I love brows. I’m passionate about brows. So, why I’ve created this treatment was purely because it was for clients that didn’t know where they were going with their brows. They were unhappy with their brows. They didn’t really know where to go, what to do, so I created this treatment to go through where eventually they’d like to be with their brows. Stage one of the brow formation would be sitting your client down, talking through their brow routine, what they normally do with their brows, if they do anything with their brows, what they’re happy with, and what they’re unhappy with. That for me is when I find out, right, okay, this client likes thick brows, looking at the actual brow, seeing where they need to grow in, where they start, arch, and end. A lot of people’s brows don’t start, arch, and end where they should. So, it’s quite good for me to mark on the actual brow where we can use product to create a fuller brow. Normally after that, after we’ve got a clear idea of what we’re doing, I start the tinting process. After we tint, we wax. I use Lycojet Lavender Wax, which personally for me, I love. It’s a fantastic wax. Fantastic product. After waxing, I’ll go over and just clean with tweezing and trim at the end. After we’ve done the main bulk of the treatment, what I get the client to do is sit back up. I get a proper look at their face and their finished look naturally. Then what we go over products, what products they’re used to using, if they haven’t tried any of the products that we’ve got here, what would suit them, suit their morning routine. And then afterwards, I would apply the makeup and show the client their finished look.
BrowFormation by Jaxon London


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