It’s time to start raising eyebrows

By May 24, 2019 No Comments
Jaxon London - Wax and Nail Bar

At Jaxon, we love creating amazing brows that define your eyes and your total look. A great, professional eyebrow style service can completely transform the way you feel when you have left your eyebrows untouched for a while. We recommend clients start the year with our Brow Rehab treatment. Then come back to us every 4 weeks to maintain the look.

If you have very sparse, patchy or over-plucked brows, we recommend you use Librow purified eyebrow serum. This professional product has been developed to help your eyebrows grow back quicker, thicker and bolder giving you a second chance to renew your style again.

If your eyebrows are fair in colour or naturally thin, Librow is a great product to encourage new, thicker brow hairs, giving your therapist more to work with during your next appointment.

Librow is applied to the eyebrow in a serum formula each night after your usual skincare routine. Just a small amount is applied on each application, then after a few weeks you will begin to notice your eyebrows growing back, even in patchy areas you would usually have to pencil in.

By keeping your eyebrows healthy and thicker using Librow eyebrow serum, you can ensure the ultimate brow result when you see a professional therapist for a tailored brow styling treatment each month. The Librow eyebrow serum bottle comes in a handy tube, no bigger than a mascara so it’s perfect for keeping in your make-up bag. It’s also great when used alongside Lilash eyelash serum. This serum is applied each night just above the lash line and encourages eyelashes to grow longer than ever before.

Both Lilbrow and Lilash products are stocked at our St. Paul’s salon on 2 Farringdon Street, London.