Gel Manicure FAQ

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What gel brands do you use?

At Jaxon, we use OPI, CND Shellac and The GelBottle.

Which is the best – OPI, CND Shellac or The GelBottle?

It really is a personal preference, but we can help and advise you when you come to Jaxon for your gel manicure. It may depend on which is best suited to your lifestyle or it could be just down to a choice of colours!

Why Jaxon loves OPI, Shellac and The GelBottle.

Shellac is also known as the original Power Polish and CND have certainly set the bar high when it comes to gel polish. There are colours of Shellac that have become part of our clients’ staple diet –  they simply cannot do without them!

Here at Jaxon we rave about the award-winning SolarOil™ to promote healthy nail growth – it really is a ‘miracle in a bottle’. The SolarOil mini bottles are a must for your make-up bag – one daily quick and easy swipe is all you need.


OPI have an amazing span of colours, many are quite vibrant if that’s your look! OPI is a good quality gel polish and some colours only require one coat of polish.

OPI are the global leaders and sell in over 100 countries.  OPI really do care about women and giving back to the community with their #OPICares initiative: supporting women’s health, education and anti-violence organisations.

The GelBottle

On discovering The GelBottle it was quick for us at Jaxon to see what all the fuss was about! The GelBottle polishes are rich in colour and offer a long-lasting shine as well as being vegan and cruelty free.

We are excited to offer our clients the additional benefit of The GelBottle’s Builder In A Bottle, aka BIAB.  At Jaxon we can use BIAB for weaker and brittle nails – applied just like a normal gel polish it adds amazing strength and durability to your nails.

Can I apply gel polish at home?

Applying gel polish is a work of art, and therefore it is only recommended for use by salon professionals.  The prep work is also essential so you should be prepared to spend time in the nail salon, use it as an excuse for a coffee break or great chat with the therapist!

How long does gel polish last?

Generally, about two weeks but it does depend on how dry or oily your natural nails are, your lifestyle or medication. If you are a clean freak and love the bleach be sure to wear gloves!

How do I get gel off my nails?

Come back and see us for a soak off as we really do want to look after your nails. We know it may be hard to resist but please do not pick them off as you are not only removing the gel but also the top layer of your nails.

At Jaxon we provide a soak-off service – we will file, buff and shape you nails and put a strengthening treatment or varnish on for you.

Will they damage my natural nail?

Gels will not damage your natural nails unless you pick or peel them off.  We do recommend using a cuticle oil daily and also have a regular break from the gels.

Can I have just the gel polish without a manicure?

It is so important to prep the nail correctly before applying the gel to get the best results for you. We will always provide the professional treatments in the correct way and we will not compromise on quality. For these reasons we do not offer gel polish without a manicure.

What can I do if my nails are damaged?

If you stop wearing nail polish your nails can heal and will repair themselves in a few weeks.

You should keep your nails short and very gently buff them to even out the nail plates and prevent any peeling.

Hide away the nail clippers! Your cuticles protect new nail growth so cutting cuticles can cause further damage. Use a cuticle oil daily, they really do hydrate and strengthen your nails. With a protein peptide, OPI avoplex cuticle oil is a great product.

If you feel naked without nail polish use a nail strengthener. At Jaxon we can recommend OPI Nail Envy which comes in a clear or a light colour – Bubble Bath is a favourite with our clients.

Can I get my nails repaired quickly?

If your nails are in bad shape you may need an intense conditioning treatment – this is when you really should head to the salon. The IBX System is a professionally applied treatment which uses heat to help penetrate a serum (conditioning monomers – molecules that bond together) into the top layers of your natural nails. The serum fills in gaps and ridges and provides a protective shield on top of your nails to prevent them from breaking and splitting. The results are truly amazing in just a short amount of time.