A Wax Expert’s Guide to Intimate Waxing


Intimate waxing may seem intimidating. But don’t be afraid, our wax experts will put you at ease.

If this is your first intimate wax experience or it’s been a while since your last treatment, this post is here to help.

We asked our team to share frequently asked questions by clients before they have their bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood Wax.

Which wax is best for an intimate wax? At Jaxon, we use Lycon Hot Wax for intimate waxing including bikini line, Hollywood and Brazilian waxes. After many years of research and testing we still find Lycon comes out on top, in terms of client comfort and waxing results.

What is Hot Wax?
Hot wax it a hotter temperature wax which helps open up the hair follicles to allow the hair to come out easier. It is a thicker consistency and is applied to the skin then left to dry and removed without a strip. Hot wax is better for more sensitive areas and tough rooted hairs.

What is Lycon?
Lycon hot waxes are a low temperature wax. The benefits of using hot wax rather than strip wax is that it causes less trauma to the skin and is perfect for sensitive areas. All Lycon waxes are soothing on the skin. Lycon can also be applied to one area more than once without irritating the skin or feeling too hot.

What’s the difference between a Hollywood and a Brazilian Wax?
A Hollywood Wax removes all the bikini hair whereas a Brazilian leaves a landing strip but removes the rest.

Is it going to hurt? Waxing can be uncomfortable and some find it more painful than others. Hot wax is designed to reduce pain and is a less painful wax experience compared to strip wax.

What do I wear during the treatment?
For intimate waxing we always ask for clients not to wear any underwear. Please don’t be nervous about this.

Will the therapist tell me what positions I need to get into for my wax?
Your therapist will tell you when to stretch the skin, how to position the legs and when it comes to doing the back the therapist will say how she would like you to be positioned.

Is waxing hygienic?
We take hygiene very seriously and want to protect you and ourselves therefore we always wear gloves when waxing. We never double dip the spatula into the wax pot. We use a clean spatula each time we dip into the wax and then throw it away and take another fresh spatula. We keep all tweezers & scissors in Barbicide, which is a hospital grade disinfectant.

Should I avoid alcohol before waxing?
It is advised that you shouldn’t have a wax when you have had a alcoholic drink.

What should I do before an intimate wax?
You should gently exfoliate the day before your wax treatment. On the day of your treatment make sure the area is thoroughly clean and avoid moisturising. Wear cotton underwear and loose fitting clothing.

Can I wax there if I am on my period? Yes, you can have an intimate wax if you are on your period, but you should be wearing a tampon during your treatment. Waxing when on your period can make the area much more sensitive and the treatment could be uncomfortable, so we recommend waiting until your approach the end of your cycle.
How long does my hair need to be?
You will need at least 4 weeks growth or 5mm of hair for a successful treatment. If your hair is longer than this, you can trim it before your treatment yourself. But if you are ever unsure, let your therapist know and they will trim the hair for you.

How often should I come for a wax?
Normally every 4-6 weeks depending on the speed of your hair growth.

What are ingrown hairs and what can I do about them?
ingrown hairs can occur when too much dead skin is blocking the hair follicle, causing the hair to grow under the skin. We recommend exfoliating regularly and using Lycon ingrow-X-it spray.

Can I have a wax if I am pregnant?
Yes waxing is perfectly safe to do whist pregnant. Just be sure to let our therapists know.

What is the aftercare?
After a wax you’ll want to take care by not doing the following for 24 hours:
Don’t go on a sunbed or sunbathe
Don’t have a hot bath or shower (just lower the temp slightly and you’ll be fine)
Avoid the gym and sports
Don’t apply fake tan or make up to waxed areas
Don’t use deodorant, perfumes or lotions
Avoid heat treatments, tight clothes, swimming and saunas.